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Course Overview

Several resource developers and their host countries ascertain, identify and target local content objectives as means to build, create and share value from oil and gas developments. Host countries may use local content as part of an industrial policy targeted to deliver benefits beyond the payment of royalties and taxes.

For their part, lots of oil and gas companies take a strategic methodology to local content works in acknowledgement of the wider business benefits of creating and sharing value between themselves, local communities and countries; these companies do not view local content obligations simply as issues of regulatory compliance or as risks to be managed.

This Zoe training course supports this spirit of ‘shared value’ and outlines an approach that encourages producer countries, resource developers, their supply chain and other stakeholders to work collaboratively. It provides a framework that recognizes the interdependence of each party’s efforts and the factors affecting them, and that mid-course recalibrations may be needed by all stakeholders as they discover together what works and does not work.

Course Objectives

This course will enhance your staff’s ability in identifying, determining and managing local content strategies in business. It will enhance your capacity in mastering the implications of local content provisions over the implementation and execution of business development project, mainly in terms of procurement and personnel management.

At the end of this Local Content Management System training, you will learn to:

  • Identify the key local content provisions applicable to a given contractual context
  • Participate and contribute to the development and implementation of local content strategy and execution
  • Manage local content requirements in key nations around the world
  • Participate in the efforts of a local content management planning

Training Methodology

This interactive Local Content Management System Course will comprise the following training methods:

  • Presentation
  • Assignments
  • Case Studies & Functional Exercises
  • Questionnaires

Zoe Talent Solutions follows the ‘Do-Review-Learn-Apply’ model.

Organisational Benefits

Companies who nominate their employees to participate in this Local Content Management System course can benefit in the following ways:

  • Draw on examples and well-documented success to maximize your team’s chances of success
  • Through enhanced examples, group discussion and interactive exercises, your team can gain the abilities and confidence to deal with Local Content Management within your organisation

Personal Benefits

Individuals who participate in this Local Content Management System will learn to practice techniques to:

  • Evaluate key elements of local content development
  • State local content regulations around the world including Nigeria, Ghana amongst others
  • Formulate contracting strategies that match Local Content Resources

Who Should Attend?

This Zoe Talent Solutions training course is targeted for managers dealing under a local content environment and contractual provisions.

This Local Content Management System training course is suitable to a broad range of professionals but will significantly benefit:

  • Governmental Local Content Managers
  • Liaison Local Content Managers with the Government
  • Governmental Local Content Employees
  • Logistic Managers
  • Legal Representative & Contract Managers

Course Outline

The course covers the following topics for understanding Local Content Management System:

Module 1: Defining Local Content

  • Links and Local Content
  • Sector Links
  • Local Content and the Value Chain
  • Why Governments Desire to Increase Local Content?
  • Productive Development Policies and the Function of Local Content
  • Content Policies: A Brief History

Module 2: Realizing the Potential Value of Local Content

  • The Local Content Context
  • Approach to Industrial Policy and Industrial Competitiveness
  • Policy, Legal and Regulatory Framework
  • Political Drivers of Host Government Objectives
  • Other Stakeholder Expectations
  • Identifying Opportunities and Risks for Value Creation

Module 3: Defining Stakeholder Roles under a Shared Vision

  • Identifying the Opportunities (Demand Side Analysis)
  • Opportunities in the Project Life Cycle
  • Characteristics of Procurement Opportunities
  • Characteristics of Workforce Opportunities
  • Identifying the Local Capacity (Supply Side Analysis)

Module 4: Defining Roles and Timing

  • Exploration Phase
  • Development Phase
  • Operations Phase
  • Decommissioning Phase
  • Examples of Collaborative Actions
  • Special Focus on Marginalized/ Vulnerable Groups
  • Setting Objectives and Monitoring Progress

Module 5: Policy Metrics

  • Categories of Metrics
  • Metrics for Appraising Local Content in the Workforce
  • Metrics for Gauging Local Content in Supply Chains
  • Measuring Local Content Development

Module 6: Set Up the Organization to Deliver Value from Local Content

  • Defining the Company’s Strategy for Local Content
  • Resourcing Requirements
  • Adapting Procurement and Contracting
  • Communicating Opportunities

Module 7: Ensuring Tendering and Contracting Processes are Clearly Understood

  • Supplier Pre-Qualification
  • Involving Lead Contractors and Suppliers
  • Identifying and Mitigating Risks
  • Corrupt Practices

Module 8: Adherence to Labour, Social, Human Rights and Environmental Standards

  • Operations in Conflict-Affected Areas
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Framework for Policy and Legal Analysis
  • Company Strategy Indicators
  • Company Action Plan Indicators
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