Remote jobs can be a dream job for many. Some jobs will give you the flexibility to work anywhere in the world, choose your own hours as well as just having a job that allows you to really take better freedom and control over your own life. Remote working among non-self-employed people in the US has grown 140% in the last 10 years. Today around 65% of US companies have remote workers.

There are so many opportunities available right now especially in this time, day and age of pandemic. There are a lot of jobs that you can do if you want to make a career change while working remotely. Some jobs are ready to go but some remote jobs might need the training to sharpen some skills that you might have. So here are the top 10 remote jobs in 2021-

  1. Website Developer.

  • This is a very lucrative remote job right now which is highly in demand. There are many businesses trying to get started with their own online business and they want to have a specific website developed. So if you are interested in learning how to code and doing different IT skills then this would be a great remote position for you.
  • If you are not a professional in coding or very new to these kinds of jobs then there are plenty of programs and websites where you can learn these skills where you can become a website developer.
  1. Website Designer.

  • If you are interested in different types of websites but you don’t want to learn coding and related skills then you can totally go for a website designer by designing websites without knowing the skills about how to code. If you learn to code then it will be much easier but it is not necessarily the skill that you need to design websites.
  • There are many platforms like Shopify, woo-commerce and WordPress that make this job very easy with different plug-ins, drop-ins and drag-and-drop. With the help of these, you can start designing websites without knowing to know how to code.
  1. Graphic Designer.

  • If you are interested in designing digitally and you are good with art and creating interesting projects then this would be a very good remote job. This is also high in demand. For a graphic designer, this is a very broad area of work. Here you can do logo designing, graphics for magazines, and you can also help social media companies with designing their brand.
  • There is a lot to dive deep and you can explore many different things within graphic designing. You can look into it and decide what types of things you enjoy designing online and find your ideal clients and companies you want to work for.
  • You can also become a freelance if that is something you are looking to do. If you don’t know photoshop or adobe, you can still make a good start with any free editing websites such as Canva or PicMonkey. You can edit pictures, Instagram posts, youtube thumbnails, blog posts, digital planners etc.
  1. Social Media Marketing.

  • This is very broad and huge because social media is itself very broad nowadays. If you are good at managing social media for yourself and enjoy your time on Instagram, Facebook, designing stories, editing photos, making good aesthetics for Instagram feed, or if you are good with Pinterest then this is a dream job for you.
  • There are even jobs to be a Pinterest designer for companies particularly you would make different boards for those companies to direct people from websites to blogs for specific companies then you can pursue jobs like these as well. If you know how to do Facebook ads, google ads, then you should go for this job.
  • You can also learn these types of skills through google or any other free teaching website. You can charge a flat fee per month and you can have multiple different companies. This way you can earn more as you are having a monthly income from different companies.
  1. Photo Editor/Video Editor.

  • When it comes to social media, YouTubers, social media brands. They need people to make the content for them. They need to edit the photos and videos and upload them to their platforms so they can have continuous content and help them with their brand. Some people don’t have time to edit their videos especially YouTubers who might be so busy just creating the videos and that’s why they need someone to edit them for them.
  • Companies are also looking for people to make those snippet videos that you might see scrolling through Facebook or Instagram describing a product or brand. If you are good at editing photos for Instagram or adding graphics to different photos so a brand can have all the good aesthetics with photos and texts on it for their advertising. If you want to start with Youtube, you don’t even have to pay for Final Cut Pro or Adobe premiere.
  • You can start with basic Imovie which are free where you can edit videos together. Some clients are looking for many detailed videos but some are looking for basic edits. If you know how to do the basics then get started now and learn as you go because that’s how many freelancers start making money today and increasing their revenue later on.
  1. Translation.

  • If you know more than one language and you are good at it then use that amazing skill and take advantage of it. This is such a good time, day and age where you can use your skill translating and make a great ton of money. So if you know another language, you can do translation especially now there are many people out there who want their content to translate from one language to another on their blogs, youtube channels etc.
  • Different companies hire people to translate audio and put it on text or to have a text and put it into a video. The translation is a very highly needed skill today so look into opportunities of translation. This would be a great remote job that you could do anywhere around the world. You don’t need any experience for this job. All you need to do is to post your skills on sites like Upwork and Fiverr and get clients and reviews which will help you to get more clients, projects and income.
  1. Transcription.

  • There are many companies that are translating different audio, video into text, maybe companies need it for blogs, Microsoft documents where you would be listening to an audio or video and you can type it out for transcription. If you are good at typing and really interested in it then this job is best for you.
  • The most lucrative way to do transcription would be to become a medical transcriptionist or a legal transcriptionist where you are working with those two subject areas where they would pay you pretty well.
  1. Virtual Assistant.

  • Being a virtual assistant could be taking phone calls for clients, it could be responding to emails for a company or for a client. It could also be bookkeeping, social media, typing out different documents for a company or brand. It could really mean anything that a company is looking for.
  • Every company whether small or big needs help with administrative tasks, documenting emails, customer service, day-to-day office works that could all be done virtually. The best part is that this job doesn’t need any experience and still, it pays a good amount of salary. If you have any clerical or administrative skills this is one of the best jobs for you.
  1. Ads Specialist.

  • Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram all of these companies are looking for people like you to hire them and help them with creating ads for them and as well as run them. Google Ad specialist is something more popular recently because facebook ads specialists have been all over in the last few years.
  • Google ad specialists are newer than the rest of them, where more companies are deciding that it’s important to try to have google ads for their companies. You can become Google Certified where you learn the process of how to post google ads through google. Google also provides training to show how to become a google ads specialist and it is completely free.
  1. Content Moderator.

  • A content moderator basically goes through social media pages forums or reviews to ensure that people have been following protocol and company guidelines. This is really important because every business needs this and every big business has a social media presence.
  • No company wants their brands or reputation to be smeared by negativity, hate, violent comments or trolls. So it’s very important that these companies block or report people who are infringing on the policies. It’s the type of work that you can do from anywhere and it requires zero experience. Every business needs people for this job to maintain their reputation which is very essential in the days of social media.

How to Find Remote Jobs?

One of the things that most people love about remote works is the flexibility that goes into it. When you think about remote work, there are so many opportunities. You can work for a company that has a 100% remote workforce or you can find a role that allows you to work remote where you don’t have to be there or meet clients physically. You need to start to paint a picture of what kind of remote work you want, whether you want full time or a freelance basis.

Another thing to consider is if you are a morning person or not. If you are not a morning person then you can find jobs in countries where you have a good time difference. So by the time they start, it’s already noon or evening by your time.

Now that a lot of things are cleared and you have a much clearer picture of what you want then there are so many ways to find remote jobs because there are a lot of companies that are offering remote positions these days. One of the best things you can do is google search companies that are 100% remote meaning all of their entire workforce is working remotely and perhaps they have annual or biannual company retreat where everybody comes together.

Take advantage of the advanced search filter parameters on the job boards such as indeed and LinkedIn. On the specific job boards, there are boxes that you can Mark. Another really great resource tool is Facebook Groups. There are a ton of facebook groups that are designed just to promote work positions.

Don’t just count LinkedIn, LinkedIn is the Fingal most powerful tool for your job search. You can find exactly who the hiring manager of a position is or who works at a specific company with their exact contact or channel to contact them. So if you have a company that you really admire where you know you want to help one organisation then don’t discount the power of having a really powerful LinkedIn profile and a really powerful message to just introduce yourself and get that conversation started.

You never know what opportunities are just waiting to be snatched up by you, but it all goes back to being visible so a company knows that you exist and what your skill sets are and what it is you are looking for and how you can help them.