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Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC Training – RSLogix 5000 Series Course

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Course Overview

Almost all industrial equipment used in manufacturing facilities rely on a controller computer in today’s modern world. The commonly used controller is the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, which includes the processors and I/O modules, is designed and programmed with Rockwell’s proprietary RSLogix 5000.

How do I program my Allen Bradley PLC?

The overview of this course is to provide you with a thorough grasp of the fundamental values required to program, troubleshoot, and have the most comprehensive knowledge of Rockwell Automation PLC controls using RSlogix 5000 or Studio 5000. This course begins at the beginning and builds up element by element to provide the most comprehensive coverage of PLC controls.

How do you program a Controllogix?

This Zoe training course will allow participants to run effective programming and maintenance services on any manufacturing computer with the RSLogix 5000. The course exposes participants to the nitty-gritty of the operation of the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix. In addition, it provides them with technical support to effectively troubleshoot and ensure the smooth operation of industrial equipment.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this training course are to ensure users of the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix have:

• A complete understanding of the RSLogix modules’ design and understanding the functionality of a PLC

• Advanced knowledge of basic programming skills

• An extension of programming into the design of controller computers used in most manufacturing facilities

• Understanding of the Ladder Logic as a programming language on the PLC.

• The skills to carry out a diagnostics service on a system

• Knowledge on configuring and making changes on the software to suit the needs of the organisation or manufacturing facilities

• The ability to analyse the RSNetworks and also run troubleshooting on FlexLogix, CompactLogix/ControlLogix PLC systems

• The needed skills to restore and backup developed PLC program whenever required

• Knowledge about recent development and designs for PLC operation

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions uses a unique training methodology in delivering course content to ensure the active learning of all course participants. Experts and professionals deliver the training from the relevant domain. The course content is tailored to reflect and achieve the learning outcomes and is suitable for learners. In addition, the course is constantly revised to improve learners experience based on feedback.

Zoe Talent Solutions makes use of the unique learning approach of the Do-Review-Learn-Apply Model that converts learning to practical knowledge and skills. The course allows hands-on participation that moves beyond a theoretical learning approach. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in case studies and scenarios that will reinforce learning outcomes and achieve the necessary engagement level required by learners.

Organisational Benefits

These are some of the ways your organisation will benefit from having their personnel enrol for the course:

• Employee well equipped with current and modern knowledge about PLC processes

• Effectively using Ladder Logic as the primary form of programming language on PLC

• Well-trained personnel to handle your organisational PLC using the modern RSLogix 5000 Series

• Improvement in the organisation’s operational process, including the design and automation of processes

• Modification of programming design to suit the operational demand of the organisational facilities

• Total support for systems diagnosis and troubleshooting of the organisational network

• Ability to restore the PLC program and routinely back up the automated PLC programs

Personal Benefits

In addition to the benefit obtained by the organisation, the professionals who attend this training course will also benefit from the following:

• Advance your knowledge of basic programming skills

• Sufficient knowledge and understanding about how to use the RSLogix 5000 on a PLC system

• Familiar with setting up and using the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix or CompactLogix

• Well equipped to operate the system using the Ladder Logic programming language

• Understanding the project scope or functional specification and turning it into a working PLC program

• Ability to select the appropriate program or process suitable for each operational function

• Create and edit existing programs and also be able to create a blueprint to track changes made to the system

• Be able to provide technical support when trouble arises with using the PLC system

• Be able to back up and restore PLC programs quickly

• Skilled enough to take on challenging tasks when designing programs using the RSLogix model

Who Should Attend?

• Beginners at programming looking to advance their skills on the job

• Advanced programmers who need to understand and use the modern RSLogix 5000 in their organisation

• Facility managers responsible for seeing the operational process in the facilities

Project design, commission and programming engineers who work in the manufacturing facilities where the RSLogix 5000 program will be deployed

• Other professionals within or outside the industry willing to learn and acquire knowledge

Course Outline

The course outlines the following topics that will be taught during the training course:

Module 1: Overview of PLC and Control System

  • Introduction to PLC
    • Different types of PLC
    • How PLC works
  • Introduction to Softwares and automation processes
  • Using Ladder Logic programming
  • Using PLC hardware
  • Consideration for Design and Maintenance

Module 2: Allen Bradley

  • Introduction to Allen Bradley
    • Allen Bradley software list and packages
    • Installation of the software
  • The RSLogix 5000 software
  • Allen Bradley PLC Programming Basics
  • Allen Bradley Function Block Programming
    • Function Block Timer
    • One-shot rising and falling
    • Function Block Count Up and Down
  • Allen Bradley Structured Text Programming
    • CASE Construct
    • IF…THEN…ELSE Construct
    • WHILE DO Construct
    • FOR DO Construct

Module 3: ControlNet

  • Introduction to ControlNet
    • Common Industrial Protocol (CIP)
    • Open Systems Interconnection model
  • ControlNet Physical Layer
    • Connectors
    • Cables
    • Topology
  • Data Link Layer
  • ControlLogix Processor
  • I/O Modules

Module 4: ETHERNET

  • Concept of Ethernet
  • Use of ping functions, Subnet Mask, EtherNet and IP addresses
  • Appreciation of EtherNet cabling options and routers
  • Configuration of I/O modules
  • Troubleshooting

Module 5: Ladder Logic Programming

  • Basic Ladder programs
  • Ladder view
  • Setting up overall control rung
  • Creating batch cycles and steps
  • Using expressions and procedure programming

Module 6: Organising data and Ladder Logic Design

  • Using Ladder logic for RSLogix5000 routine
  • Entering instructions for the RSLogix5000 routine
  • Organisation and design of data
  • Tasks, Programs and routines

Module 7: Project Scope

  • Searching for project components
  • Documenting the project scope
  • Configuration of the RSLogix 5000 controllers and sharing over EtherNet network
  • Communicating with I/O module over EtherNet network

Module 8: Motion Application Program

  • Motion State Instructions
    • Motion Axis Fault Reset (MAFR)
    • Motion Axis Shutdown (MASD)
    • Motion Axis Shutdown Reset (MASR)
    • Motion Direct Drive Off (MDF)
    • Motion Direct Drive On (MDO)
  • Motion Move Instructions
    • Motion Axis Stop (MAS)
    • Motion Axis Home (MAH)
    • Motion Axis Jog (MAJ)
    • Motion Axis Move (MAM)
  • Motion Group Instructions
    • Motion Group Stop (MGS)
    • Motion Group Shutdown (MGSD)
    • Motion Group Shutdown Reset (MGSR)
    • Motion Group Strobe Position (MGSP)
  • Motion Event Instructions
    • Motion Arm Watch (MAW)
    • Motion Disarm Watch (MDW)
    • Motion Arm Registration (MAR)
    • Motion Disarm Registration (MDR)
  • Motion Configuration Instructions
    • Motion Apply Axis Tuning (MAAT)
    • Motion Run Axis Tuning (MRAT)
    • Motion Apply Hookup Diagnostics (MAHD)
  • Multi-Axis Coordinated Motion Instructions
    • Master Driven Coordinated Control (MDCC)
    • Motion Calculate Transform Position (MCTP)
    • Motion Coordinated Transform with Orientation (MCTO)
    • Motion Coordinated Circular Move (MCCM)
  • Master Driven Axis Control

Module 9: Troubleshooting and Maintenance

  • Toggling bits and I/O tags
  • Using a trend chart to troubleshoot a system
  • Analysing and correcting faults
    • Controller’s fault
    • Chassis and power supply faults



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