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Bank Teller Certification Program

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Course Overview

Bank tellers are those employees who directly deal with customers daily. They are also referred to as cashiers or customer representatives. One of their major responsibilities is to handle all cash transactions for the bank, and hence, the employee needs to be well-skilled in handling large amounts of cash.

Tellers work in the front-line part of the banking business, typically the first who customers meet at banks. Thus, they are also the first to detect fraudulent transactions and play an important role in preventing financial losses. Recent advancements, including enhanced automated cash handling, has made it easier and safer for tellers to perform their duties.

This Zoe training course will empower you with a comprehensive overview of all roles and functions handled by bank tellers. Through this course, you will acquire the knowledge and experience required to pursue a career as a bank teller.

Further, this Bank Teller Certification course will also provide you with the required confidence and skill to assume higher roles and responsibilities requiring multitasking between different functions, thus encouraging career progression.

Course Objectives

The key objective of this Bank Teller Certification Program course is to empower professionals to—

  • comprehensively understand all aspects and responsibilities handled by bank tellers
  • effectively multitask between several functions handled by bank tellers, thereby demonstrating one’s potential and capabilities to assume higher roles and responsibilities
  • train other professionals on functions handled by bank tellers
  • confidently work with technology to make certain functions of cash management faster, safer and more accurate
  • clearly identify and flag fraudulent transactions or potential risks that could pose a threat of loss to the bank, in turn supporting bank credibility and growth
  • review and enhance existing processes to achieve operational excellence, demonstrating one’s skill and potential in return
  • maintain good customer relations and develop long-standing associations with customers for better investments for one’s organisation
  • follow all required laws and regulations in all aspects of cash handling and management, ensuring that one’s organisation adheres to universal benchmarks
  • perform at par with other certified professionals from the banking sector, even at the global level, thereby increasing avenues for faster career growth

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions is known to be the best for its training approach. It follows a mixed format of training, with delivery between theoretical lectures and practical assignments. Highly experienced professionals are recruited as trainers, who use detailed audio-visual presentations to train effectively.

The trainers also encourage trainee participation through group projects and activities, including role-plays, debates, etc. Experiential learning also forms a major part of the training program.

This format of training is extremely unique and is called the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisational Benefits

With professionals undertaking this Bank Teller Certification Program, organisations will benefit in ways mentioned below:

  • Safe, efficient handling of cash and other transactions by experienced, trained professionals
  • Regular training of other employees on functions handled by bank tellers, thereby preparing more resources for crunch situations
  • Effective resource utilisation because of one skilled individual handling multiple responsibilities
  • Protection against financial losses and other challenges by early detection of fraudulent transactions
  • Increased organisational credibility because of skilled professionals handling all major functions, including risk identification and management
  • Application of advanced technology to make operations faster, safer and smarter
  • Organisational development because of efficient operations, effective risk management and increased credibility
  • Frequent audit and enhancement of existing systems to check for adherence to universal standards
  • Long-standing customer relationship management resulting in organisational growth

Personal Benefits

Professionals opting for this Bank Teller Certification training course will benefit in the ways mentioned below:

  • Detailed understanding and knowledge of all functions handled by bank tellers
  • Increased confidence and knowledge to work with advanced technology to enhance operational efficiency and quality
  • Greater information and skill to train other professionals on all functions handled by bank tellers
  • Enhanced multitasking skills to undertake and successfully fulfil several responsibilities at one time, in turn demonstrating one’s potential to assume higher responsibilities fostering career progression
  • Improved foresight and attention to detail to identify fraudulent transactions and other risks to one’s organisation, thereby preventing financial loss
  • Greater knowledge and confidence to review existing processes and systems and check for scope for enhancement to adhere to universal benchmarks
  • Enhanced skill set and confidence to compete with other professionals, even at a global level, inviting greater opportunities for career progression
  • Greater skill and understanding to maintain good customer relationships for long-term benefits

Who Should Attend?

  • Bankers working in other functions, with an interest in pursuing a career as a bank teller
  • Banking Operations managers overseeing end-to-end operations
  • Senior leaders involved in strategic planning and decision making for the organisation
  • Quality managers as well as internal and external auditors responsible for ensuring adherence to all standards
  • Legal advisors involved in legal issues of the organisation
  • Any other professional interested in knowing all about the functions handled by bank tellers

Course Outline

The Bank Teller Certification course covers the following areas regarding functions handled by bank tellers:

Module 1 – Transactions Handled by Bank Tellers

  • Cashing, deposits, transfers, wire transfers
  • Savings deposits and withdrawals
  • Issuance of cashier checks, money orders, etc.
  • Promotion of loans and mortgages
  • Business referrals (trust, insurance, lending)
  • Cash advances
  • Savings bond redemption
  • Customer issue resolution
  • Batching and processing proof work
  • Cash balancing

Module 2 – Types of Deposit Accounts

  • Fixed
  • Saving
  • Recurring
  • Current account

Module 3 – Types of Banking Payments

  • Cash payments
  • Cheque payments
  • Electronic processing and payment transfers

Module 4 – Steps to Sorting Cash Successfully

  • Outline effective sorting procedures
  • Automate the sorting process
  • Store currency securely

Module 5 – Methods for Counterfeit Detection

  • Ultraviolet detection
  • Magnetic detection
  • Other manual procedures

Module 6 – Components of Automated Cash Handling Hardware

  • Automatic teller machine
  • Cash dispenser
  • Cash validator (acceptor)
  • Cash recycler
  • Rolled coin dispenser
  • Loose coin validator
  • Intelligent banknote neutralisation system

Module 7 – Functions Performed by Currency Recyclers

  • Cash dispensation
  • Cash acceptance
  • Cash sorting
  • Currency storage

Module 8 – Benefits of Currency Recyclers

  • Simplified cash flows
  • Increased security
  • Saved time

Module 9 – Security Measures in Automated Teller Machines

  • Online PIN validations
  • Offline PIN validations
  • PIN validation for interchange transactions
  • Shared ATMs
  • Hardware security module
  • Authentication and data integrity

Module 10 – Wealth Management

  • Financial planning tools and techniques
  • Insurance and investment products
  • Retirement plans
  • Cash management services
  • International banking services

Module 11 – Fraud Management

  • Types of financial fraud
  • Theft and red flags
  • Types of exploitation
  • Types of cheque fraud
  • Insider fraud
  • Payday lender fraud

Module 12 – Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer purchasing
  • Understanding customer expectations
  • Matching Products/services to demand
  • Marketing in customer relationship management
  • Components of a market-driven strategy

Module 13 – Other Banking Functions, Features and/or Instruments

  • Monetary policy
  • Electronic banking
  • Federal deposit insurance coverage
  • Banking laws and regulation
  • Banking performance measures

Module 14 – Essentials of Workplace Conduct

  • Guiding principles of business etiquette
  • Professional hierarchy
  • Professional dress code
  • Workplace behaviour

Module 15 – Ethical Issues of Banking

  • Credit rating manipulation
  • Security miss-selling
  • Unauthorised trading
  • Short-selling of bank shares
  • Market manipulation
  • Insider dealing

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