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Portfolio Management Certification Course

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Course Overview

What is Portfolio Management? The portfolio is a collection and assortment of projects, programs, subsidiary portfolios, and operations which are managed as a group to accomplish strategic objectives. Portfolio management is aligned with organizational strategies.

What is the role of Portfolio Management? Portfolio Management is very critical for an organization and has the objectives to achieve:

  • Monitor organizational investment decisions
  • Opt for the ideal mix of programs and projects to meet strategic objectives
  • Enhance the possibility of achieving the desired return on investment
  • Consolidate the management of the aggregate risk profile of all components

This Zoe training course will enhance your knowledge about Portfolio Management related to projects. This course is designed to cover all the facets of projects and project management from beginning to close out of the project.

Course Objectives

The key objective of this Portfolio Management training course is —

  • Familiarize with the concepts of a Portfolio
  • The relevance of a Portfolio to the strategic objective of the organization
  • Acquire the knowledge areas related to Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio management assures that there is no gap between the strategy and the implementation
  • Proficiencies to realistically steer the portfolio management discipline, including all domains, concepts, processes
  • Introduce best practice portfolio management tools and techniques which can be applied in their organizations
  • Portfolio Manager’s capabilities to manage multiple portfolios to help their organization achieve its strategic goals and vision
  • Methods of Forecasting the Portfolio and Project cost
  • Discovering the methods of identifying risk, analysing them and managing the same

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions appoints highly proficient trainers from relevant spheres to deliver the training with the help of audio-visual presentations. Since Zoe Talent Solutions lays great stress on customised training solutions, the training content is thoroughly reviewed by the course facilitators before each session to check relevance to the training audience.

Participation through group activities and assignments, role-plays and case study discussions are an integral part of the training program. Experiential learning is likewise given equal importance within the format of training.

Zoe Talent Solutions follows the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisational Benefits

After the project team undergoes this Portfolio Management training course, organisations will derive the following benefits:

  • A clear understanding of the strategic importance of the portfolio
  • The team will be more focused to work towards meeting the organization strategic objective
  • Adherence to all the portfolio management domains and concepts
  • Better and effective cost management which would enhance the administration and management of finance
  • Alignment of the portfolio management towards enhancement of return on investment
  • Risk management would be centralized and better managed

Personal Benefits

Individuals who would undergo this Portfolio Management training would gain the following benefits:

  • Understanding the strategic goals of an organization
  • Clarified concepts on portfolios
  • Clean plan of the importance of the portfolio to the organization strategy
  • Increased knowledge of Portfolio management concepts and domains
  • Better management of the stakeholders
  • Will be able to have better communication with the teams involved
  • Boosted skillset and capabilities to identify, analyse and manage risks

Who Should Attend?

  • Executive or senior-level professional who is managing a portfolio of projects and programs aligned with organizational strategy
  • Senior members of the organization who want to learn about Portfolios in more details

Course Outline

Portfolio Management Certification Course covers the following topics:

Module 1 – Introduction to Portfolio

  • Introduction to Portfolio
  • Link of Portfolio, Program and Project
  • Portfolio Life cycle
  • Importance of Portfolios in the Strategic objective of the organization
  • Role of a Portfolio Manager

Module 2 – Overview of Portfolio Management

  • What does Portfolio Management constitute?
  • Portfolio management and Organizational strategy
  • Portfolio Management Implementation Process
  • Stakeholder involvement in Stakeholder Management
  • Impact of Organization on Types of Portfolio Management

Module 3 – Portfolio and Strategic Alignment

  • Evaluate organizational strategic goals
  • Identify criteria for prioritization
  • Developing a Road Map for the Portfolio to meet the strategic goals
  • Managing the impact to portfolio and portfolio components due to changes in strategic goals and objectives
  • Recommendation for different Portfolio Scenarios

Module 4 – Portfolio Management – Governance

  • Establishing a governance model
  • Determining and monitoring portfolio management standards, protocols, rules, and best practices, using organizational assets
  • Development of Portfolio Management Plan
  • Monitoring, Managing and Making recommendations regarding portfolio decisions

Module 5 – Portfolio Management – Performance

  • Understanding of Portfolio Performance Management plan
  • Development of Portfolio Performance Management plan
  • Developing Key Performance metrics and various techniques of measuring Portfolio Health
  • Managing Portfolio management by generating reports, conversations, dashboards, and auditing techniques to make sure it is aligned to strategic objectives
  • Managing portfolio changes to ensure its strategically aligned by using change management techniques

Module 6 – Portfolio Management – Risk

  • Understanding of Portfolio Risk Management plan
  • Development of Portfolio Risk Management plan
  • Implementing Risk Management Plan
  • Developing, monitoring, and maintaining portfolio-level risk register which are impacting the strategic goals and objectives
  • Managing Risks
  • Recommendation to reverse the impact of Risk Management on the strategic alignment

Module 7 – Portfolio Management – Communication

  • Understanding of Portfolio Communication Management plan
  • Development of Portfolio Communication Management plan
  • Implementing Communication Management Plan
  • Managing communication and information sharing

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