Course Outline

Public Safety Networks Over LTE 

  1. Evolution of Public Safety Networks
  • Terrestrial Trunked Radio – TETRA
    • TETRA R 1
    • TETRA R 2
    • TETRA Architecture Overview
    • Operational modes of TETRA
  • TETRA Security aspect
  1. Public Safety Networks and Commercial Cellular Networks Comparison
  • Technological Overview
  • Applied Services
  • Differences between TETRA and Commercial LTE networks
  • Transition of TETRA to LTE –
  • Current Initiatives by various vendors (Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson’s features of Public safety networks in LTE)
  1. LTE Technology for Public Safety Communications
  • LTE in and as Public Safety Mobile Broadband Standard
  • Public Safety LTE Standardized Roadmap
  • Proximity Services (ProSe) PTT
    • Work Standardization
    • ProSe System Architecture
    • ProSe UE and Network Capabilities
  • GCSE (Group Communication System Enablers)
    • Standardization Work
    • Group Communication System Architecture
    • MCPTT (Mission Critical Push-To-Talk)
    • Standardization Work
    • MCPTT System Architecture
    • MCPTT UE and Network Capabilities
  • IOPS (Isolated E-UTRAN Operation for Public Safety)
    • Standardization Work
    • IOPS UE and Network Capabilities
  • Work Standardization and it’s Overview and Evaluation
  • Timeline of Availability of Technology
  1. Overview of 4G LTE Commercial networks
  • LTE Architecture Review
  • LTE Radio Interface
  • Link Budgets for LTE
  • Coverage Planning
  • IDLE Mode Parameters
  • CONNECTED Mode Parameters
  1. LTE Networks for Public Safety Communications
  • Dedicated LTE Networks
  • Evaluation of Model of working
  • Commercial 4G LTE Network
  • Hybrid Solutions
  • Various Delivery Models comparison
  1. ProSe Direct Communications for Public Safety (Technical Details)
  • ProSe Feature overview
  • ProSe Direct Discovery Signals
  • ProSe Direct Communication PTT
  • UE’s enabled with ProSe links
  • Authorization and IE handling of ProSe
  • Pool Configuration of Sidelink
  • Selection scheme Autonomously
  • SIB18 Introduction by ProSe functionality – Sidelink Configuration
  • Resource allocation in LTE ProSe
  • Synchronized transmission
  • Direct Communication in-coverage for UEs using SIB18
  • Setup required in RRC Idle for Direct Communication setup
  • A2 Threshold parameters for Sidelink
  1. Enhancements of Security protocol for Public Safety networks in LTE
  • Security protocol of ProSe
    • One-to-One security of ProSe Direct Communication
    • Security Establishment of One-to-one ProSe Direct Communication
    • Proposed AKA Establishment Protocol of One-to-one ProSe Direct Communication
  • Security of MCPTT
    • Application Plane Security of MCPTT Services
    • Security Establishment of MCPTT Service
    • User Authentication Framework
    • MCPTT User Authentication Protocol proposal

Course Curriculum

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