There has been a significant uptick in interest about remote work. Whether you are a manager or an employee, many of us are finding that we need to adapt to a new normal and that includes learning to work from home efficiently.

A study found that if employees have a choice between two identical jobs but one doesn’t offer flexible work policy, 80% would turn down the one that doesn’t. That’s how much people value remote work.

According to Fundera, 68% of millennial job seekers said a work from home option would greatly influence their interest in working for a company. According to SoftChoice, 74% would leave their job for another that offered the option of more remote work. 

According to Flexjobs, 97% say a job with flexibility would have a huge improvement in their overall quality of life. According to Regus, 27% of workers regard their commute as a waste of time. One-third of firms report that they expect to see businesses of all sizes opting for flexible work locations rather than fixed term leasing contracts.

A 2019 study found that those who work predominantly remotely are 29% happier than the workers who work predominantly in a company’s office. So, if you are looking to pursue remote work then you should go for it. Now, the next question is what career you should pursue for remote work.

Top 25 Careers To Pursue Remote Work In 2022

1. Software Developer

  • The average salary of a Software Developer is $70,000-$130,000 a year. No prizes for guessing that a lot of the most lucrative remote jobs are in the tech industry.
  • Software developer covers a bunch of job titles with slightly different titles and varying tasks Web Developer, App Developer. They all require more or less the same skill set especially when you are starting out. 
  • With this job title, you will be programming and testing the latest apps, websites and software.
  • To get your foot in the door, some kind of qualification and programming or computer science definitely helps. But even more important is experience using your programming knowledge.
  • Developing for iOS is especially in high demand and can add to your salary. But since you will be working on a team over teleconferencing apps, being a team player is essential.

2. UX/IU Designer

  • The average salary of a UX/IU Designer is $90,00-$120,000 a year. 
  • A UX/IU designer is another key member of programmers working inside of a team. 
  • The initial stands for User Experience or User Interface. If you have ever used an app or website that was either difficult or impossible to use then be sure that they forgot to hire a UX designer.
  • UX/UI designers work on the layout of apps and websites as they are being developed and focus on making them as user-friendly as possible. It’s somewhere between a designer and developer. So, you will need some of both skill sets.
  • A qualification in something computeror design related will come in handy but even more important is an impressive portfolio.

3. Data Scientist/Data Analyst

  • An average salary of a Data Scientist/Data Analyst is $110,000-$130,000 a year.
  • When you hear the word data scientist the word ‘Sexy’ may not come to mind. But the Harvard Business Review named it “The Sexiest Job Of The 21st Century”.
  • In a world of big data with more information at our fingertips than ever, it pays well if you can unravel all of that data to find trends and solve problems for businesses. That could involve anything from figuring out what ads will have the highest click rate to where housing prices are going to go in the next 10 years.
  • For this job you will need excellent computer and Math skills as well as enough intuition to figure out what the data is telling you. You will also need good communication skills so you can explain what the data is saying.
  • A qualification in either Maths, Statistics for Computing is desirable and as the internet has made data available to anyone with an internet connection, you will be able to work anywhere you want.

4. Cloud Engineer

  • The average salary of a Cloud Engineer is $123,000 a year.
  • Cloud Engineers are responsible for managing and organising a cloud based system and processes where data is stored.
  • They set up a company’s cloud-based architecture through cloud-based services like Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and they also manage existing cloud-based services as well.
  • One thing you will notice with tech jobs is it’s not always about creating something new but a lot of times maintaining a product or service that already exists.
  • Cloud based engineers have experiences with cloud-based services like Azure, AWS. They will get familiar with system operations and have an understanding of databases programming and networking.

5. Project Manager

  • The average salary of a Project Manager is $75,000-$110,000 a year.
  • This is a job description for somebody who could be working in a number of sectors. Software apps and web development are common but it could be setting up a team or a new branch of a firm.
  • Project Management coordinates all of the individual tasks and processes needed to reach a given target, whether it’s developing a piece of software or setting up a branch of a company.
  • You will need a background in the industry you are looking at. You will also need a track record of managing people and you will need to be really organised.
  • Working remotely isn’t an option for all project managing roles but with more teams using web conferencing to communicate, it’s becoming more and more common.

6. Digital Marketer

  • An average salary of a Digital Marketer is $60,000-$80,000 a year.
  • Whenever we open our Facebook, Instagram, do a google search or even when we check out email, part of what we are seeing is the work that digital marketer have done.
  • They are all behind the online ads and marketing that comes up in our feeds.
  • A digital marketer’s job is taking care of their clients entire web presence and that includes their websites, blogs, search engine rankings and their entire advertising strategy.
  • For this job you don’t need any formal qualifications but if you have some certificates then it will go a long way.

7. Sales Consultant

  • An average salary of a Sales Consultant is $60,000-$80,000.
  • Being a hotshot salesperson pays well but on average you will be doing even better as a sales consultant.
  • A sales consultant analyzes a company’s sales techniques and finds ways of improving them. That could mean creating customised courses for sales reps or helping them to find new ways of looking for customers and researching what they need.
  • More and more companies are now hiring remote sales consultants especially if they are in a niche market that requires special expertise. 
  • To get into it, the biggest requirement is being able to show you are great at sales and great at coaching people in sales techniques.

8. Accountant 

  • An average salary of an Accountant is $65,000-$80,000 a year.
  • This is next up a job that has been around a lot longer than the internet but that’s been heading into the new direction of remote working for quite a while now.
  • If you look at the tasks accountant’s do like reviewing accounts, preparing financial documents, advising on tax issues and creating budgets. Usually there is no reason it can’t be remotely.
  • For this job you will need formal qualification and you have to be a registered accountant in the country you are operating in, even if you video conferencing from the beach.

9. Product Designer

  • The average salary of a Product Designer is $50,000-$140,000 a year
  • This is another job role in the tech world that involves developing apps, websites and software. This is something that could be earning you big bucks from your living room.
  • Product Designer is in charge of developing tech products from start to finish. From coming up with the concept and doing market research to developing and testing it. All the way through to finally delivering it.
  • Besides designing and programming skills, it requires a lot of creativity and knowledge of the market just like the other tech jobs.
  • You will need a background in tech or design as well as a flair for coming up with ideas and getting creative.

10. Senior Business Analyst

  • An average salary of a Senior Business Analyst is $60,000-$100,000 a year.
  • Business Analysts work closely with teams and companies to get a deep understanding of how they deal with customers and all the processes that are going on. They improve and streamline it all to make sure everything is as effective as possible.
  • With more and more teams working through teleconferencing apps, Business Analysts can get down to business anywhere they want to work from.
  • To get into it you will want a qualification in something business related. Experience working in the relevant field and managing people is needed.
  • You will also need excellent communication and management skills.

11. IT Security Consultant

  • The average salary of an IT Security Consultant is $100,000-$130,000 a year.
  • Now that we are working online more and the internet is becoming an even bigger part of our lives that means internet security is becoming more important too.
  • IT Security Consultants usually work for a big company and check their network security and make them aware of risks where they exist.
  • You will be working with their systems online, so you can work remotely anywhere.
  • To do this job you will need past experience working in IT Security and to stand a stand of being employed a licence certification in IT security is highly recommended.
  • You will also need some valuable experience in IT Security.

12. Technical Support Engineer

  • An average salary of a Technical Support Engineer is $75,000-$100,000 a year.
  • Most big companies can afford to have on-site teams to tech support. Smaller companies usually can’t but they will need to have someone to do it for them.
  • Thanks to remote viewing apps you can find it from anywhere in the world.
  • If you are the kind of person who is great at solving people’s network problems, the person everyone goes to for help when their computer is acting up then this could be something to look into.
  • To get into it you will generally want a qualification in something computer related.

13. Recruiter 

  • An average salary of a Recruiter is $50,000-$80,000 a year.
  • A recruiter’s job is to source and bring in the best candidates for whatever job opening your client needs to fill.
  • As it is so important to companies to get the right staff, if you are good at it then it can definitely pay well.
  • Thanks to teleconferencing it’s being done remotely more and more.
  • To become a remote recruiter I want to have experience working in a Human Resources Department and have sales skills.
  • When you are trying to recruit somebody into a job, essentially you are selling them that job, that’s why you need to have good sales skills.

14. Senior Copywriter

  • An average salary of a Senior Copywriter is $50,000-$80,000 a year.
  • Copywriting means creating text that’s worded well enough to get people to react to it. Whether that’s to buy something to at least put themselves on a mailing list.
  • It’s a really important part of marketing and you can write with flair and get results. It can pay well.
  • For this job you don’t need any specific qualifications. Although, some experience in the field or something related to journalism will help.
  • What you need is experience and to work your way up you will need to gradually put together a portfolio of successful marketing campaigns that you have written

15. Lawyer 

  • An average salary of a Lawyer is $110,000-$130,000 a year.
  • When it comes to Lawyers there are lots different types out there with all kinds of specialties and niches. It’s true not all of them can be done online especially if you are going to have to appear in court.
  • Although keep in mind, since the pandemic started, courtrooms around the world have also become more flexible and have begun to allow appearances by video link.
  • Like Accountants, you need to be based in the country you are operating in and registered there as a Lawyer.
  • With this one, there is no way around the qualifications. You do need a law degree but if you have got those covered, there are plenty of specialisations in law that can be done remotely.
  • These include virtual patent lawyers, remote research lawyers, and independent estate attorneys.

16. Actuary 

  • An average salary of an Actuary is $90,000-$100,000 a year.
  • Like a few other jobs mentioned in this list, here is another old-fashioned one you can totally do online. Even though it’s a job title that’s not quite as well known as lawyer or accountant. It’s one that’s increasingly in demand.
  • It’s been predicted that the number of Actuaries will rise by 20% over the next decade.
  • If you don’t know what Actuaries do, they use statistical models to perform risk assessments and usually work either in the insurance industry or doing risk analysis for companies.
  • Like Lawyers and Accountants, you will need formal qualifications for this one. You need an undergraduate degree usually in Math, Statistics of anything computer related. This will be Followed up with specialist qualifications in actuarial sciences.

17. Video Editing 

  • An average salary of a Video Editor is $65,000 a year.
  • You probably know what this job really involves. People record videos either for YouTube or movies, it needs to be edited to have mistakes removed and to turn them into a polished finished production.
  • Most of these jobs on this list are a little bit more technical in nature and you might not have these skills right now. But in reality everyone starts without these skills, everyone starts at zero. Everyone has to learn these skills if they want to be able to do these jobs. 
  • If you want to earn a high hourly rate for remote work then you need to learn more technical skills. That’s because the more general type of work that you do, the more you will be a blue-collar worker and the lower rate you will earn per hour.
  • The more technical work you will do, the smaller niche you would belong to, the more you will be a white-collar worker and the higher hourly rate you can earn.

18. Python Developer 

  • The average salary of a Python Developer is $76,526. 
  • Python is a highly used programming language. So jobs in this area are quite high in demand.
  • Python developers are people who build test codes for different systems, softwares and applications.
  • They focus on machine learning, web development, data mining, cloud development and more.
  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science and previous work experience as a Python Developer is a must.
  • You should also be familiar with HTML and Javascript.

19. Executive Assistant 

  • An average salary of an Executive Assistant is $63,000 a year.
  • Essentially it is similar to Virtual Assistant but it’s going to be a much higher level task.
  • You are going to be dealing with the CEO, Co-founder and you will be doing these high level tasks like booking appointments and some other miscellaneous tasks like responding to emails.
  • You will have to be the jack of all trades as you will be doing the things that the Co-founder or CEO wants you to do.
  • This can be lucrative depending on how valuable you are to the person you are an executive assistant for.

20. Medical Writer

  • An average salary of a Medical Writer is $101,000 a year.
  • Medical writers use their understanding of clinical research to develop materials and communications to a variety of audiences.
  • It’s a job that can easily be done from home and just requires some strength in communication and is certainly a background in the medical field.