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Course Overview

Are you struggling to take prompt decisions? Do you get bogged down whenever you face an issue at workplace or personal life? Do you get stressed or nervous attack?  Do you regret that some of your past decisions were wrong?

Do you find that your colleagues end up making mistakes at work which could have avoided? Do you struggle convincing your ideas / decisions to others?

Wait, What if we tell you that all these are just symptoms of a problem that can be easily solved? Well,  the problem is that you are yet to understand the best practices, theories and the scientific methods for “Creative problem solving and decision making”. By learning this course, you will realise your potentials in faster and effective decision making – both individual and organisational.

Through this Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making Training Course offered by Zoe Talent Solutions, you will learn how to develop new ways to solving problems.  This program will help you to create a renewed and an unconventional perception towards your day to day tasks and work.

You will learn scientific and proven methods which are being used by thousands of successful organisations and management practitioners/ leaders in becoming better decision makers. This course not just gives the methods but also helps you in practicing the same and evolve as a creative problem solver.

Course Objectives  

Upon completing this creative problem solving and decision making course, you will be able to:

  1. Learn and apply appropriate problem solving and decision making processes and methods
  2. Identify common challenges / biases to effective problem solving and decision making
  3. Assess conceptual blocks and significant situational challenges which lead to bad decisions
  4. Apply these learnings to enhance leadership development and organizational performance
  5. Learn different types of thinking – Critical thinking / Divergent thinking / Convergent thinking and use it for effective problem solving

Training Methodology  

We at Zoe Talent Solutions offer to customize our training course to suit the requirements based on your professional background. Our trainers will ensure that the training is in line with your organisational and work objectives. The course will be interactive and participation is highly encouraged.

You will have group discussions, group activities, case studies, and other methods of course facilitation. Participants across different organisations will share their best practices during the training program. Zoe Talent Solutions’ courses follow the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model of training.

Organisation Benefit

Organisations employees taking up this Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making Training course will benefit in the following ways:

  • Tap the employee potential in making better and faster decisions
  • Eliminate unconscious biases that could hamper organisational values
  • Obtain creative ideas  that help in organisational development
  • Increased productivity due to faster problem solving
  • Solving the core issues / root issues than superficial fixes
  • Develop a mind-set of continuous learning and development and looking at problems as a chance for intellectual stimulation.
  • Employees with creative problem solving skills look at problems as opportunities
  • Better Team building and morale due to effective problem solving

Personal Benefits

Individuals attending the Creative problem solving program will have the below advantages:

  • Knowledge of creative problem solving methods helps in better interpersonal relations
  • Ability to handle workplace stresses / issues more creatively/ objectively
  • Develop better analytical skills in problem-solving
  • Have better leadership capabilities by tapping the potentials of team member
  • Learn faster decision making which is a key for future success
  • Grow up in career ladder with better decision making skills – an important skillset for leadership
  • Creative Problem Solving differentiates a good boss / bad boss
  • Learn how to apply these techniques in personal / organisational problems

Who Should Attend

Individuals at all levels looking to become more efficient, confident, and productive in the corporate world and in their personal lives must attend this program.

Business intellectuals, policymakers, trend-setters, organisers, top management, managers, supervisors, project managers and executives would require these practical sessions to improve their problem solving skills.  This program is a must attend for those aspiring for any leadership role.

Course Outline

This training program will cover the following modules which are essential in understanding the key skills of Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making:

Training Modules  

Module 1  – Why is Creative Problem Solving needed?

  • Changing Business Contexts – The VUCA world
  •  Creative Problem Solving + Faster Decisions = Better Profits
  • Examples of Ideas that disrupted the world
  • Is Creative problem solving a Skill?
  • Role of a Manager / Leader in Problem Solving

Module 2 – What is a Problem ?  

  • Defining “The Problem”
  • Are all “problems” really a “problem”?
  • Is the problem a cause or symptom ?
  • Defining “Decision Making”
  • Are all “Decisions” really a “decision?”
  • Do we “ need “to solve problem?
  • Is your decision congruent to the personal / organisational values / ethics?

Module 3 – Block Busting Problems (James Adams)  

  • The Perceptual Block
  • The Emotional Block
  • Cultural & Environmental Blocks
  • Intellectual and Expressive Blocks
  • Stereotyping and Unconscious Biases
  • Blockbusting solutions

Module 4 : Creative Problem solving and Decision Making – The Process  

  • Kepner Tregoe Rational Process
  • Situation Appraisal
  • Problem Analysis
  • Decision Analysis
  • Potential Problem / Opportunity Analysis

Module 5: Critical Thinking  

  • Thinking Fast and slow – Eliminating Unconscious Bias (Daniel Kanhemann’s Book review)
  • The 8 Elements of The Critical Thinking Process (Reflection, Analysis, Acquisition of information, Creativity, Structuring arguments, Decision making, Commitment, Debate.
  • 6 Stages of Development in Critical thinking (Linda Paul & Richard Elder Model)
  • The Unreflective Thinker
  • The Challenged Thinker
  • The Beginning Thinker
  • The Practicing Thinker
  • The Advanced Thinker
  • The Accomplished Thinker

Module 6 : Convergent & Divergent Thinking  

  • Characteristics of  Convergent and Divergent thinking
  • Steps in Convergent Thinking
  • Steps in Divergent thinking
  • Examples and practice sessions in Convergent and Divergent Thinking
  • Using Convergent and Divergent thinking in conjunction

Module 7 : Techniques for Problem Solving  

  • The Five Why Technique
  • Fish Bone Diagram Method
  • Brainstorming
  • Quality Circles
  • The Root Cause Analysis
  • Pareto Technique
  • Six Thinking Hats

Module 8 – Implementing the Decisions  

  • Action Plan & Preparing the details
  • Ethical & Social Concerns
  • Ownership of decisions
  • Personal Decision Making
  • Organisational Decision Making
  • Democratic Decision Making
  • Challenges in Decision Making
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