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Internal Customer Service Training Course

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Course Overview

Richard Branson quoted, “Take care of your employees, and they will take care of your business”. What he really meant was to engage with your internal customers and keep them happy in order to engage the workforce and get the business going.

Communication and Collaboration are the key ingredients of getting the task done well in an organization. When you are looking for outstanding workplace culture, internal customer service is the thing to look at. A productive environment to work in an enjoyable workplace is driven by none other than the effective internal customer service.

Why is Internal Customer Service important? It is said, treat them the way you would like them to treat you. What matters is the respect and kindness which is shown to the others that creates an environment of trust and cause positive results as a team. The customer satisfaction index that we wish to achieve with our external clients can only happen if the internal customers are happy and fulfilled.

If you were wondering why is the attrition rate high? Maybe this is the time to go and check with your internal customers, how they would like to be treated differently? People spend most of their time at work and it’s known as a second home. It is now that we need to take a pause and check for clarity.

This Zoe training course will empower you with the opportunity to develop and enhance the internal customer service skills of going the extra mile which is critical for the internal customer.

Course Objectives

In the Internal Customer Service Training Course, we focus on building teams with members in the organization who work together as one big team. People who appreciate other members for the support they receive and also reach out to help others in the tasks, that is the kind of approach organizations look for. Internal customer service is about collaboration and cooperation with giving respect and showing the right amount of kindness and compassion towards others.

Upon completing this Internal Customer Service Training Program successfully, participants will be able to:

  • Know the importance of internal customer service
  • Deliver good internal customer service and create better relationships
  • Have a better environment to work together
  • Have a collaborative approach
  • Have reduced complaints and ego hassles with other members
  • Assertively communicate and create a win-win situation
  • Create happy internal customers in the organization

Training Methodology

This collaborative internal customer service training course will comprise of the following training methods:

  • Presentations
  • Role plays
  • Group Discussions
  • Lectures & Seminar Method
  • Assignments
  • Activities
  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • Whiteboard interaction
  • Case Studies & Functional Exercises

The program structure is a detailed and interactive session, following a two-way communication, we work with the participant to confirm that they are able to get a practical experience of how to interact with the internal customer. At ZTS, we use the ‘Do-Review-Learn-Apply’ model.

Who Should Attend?

This Internal Customer Service Training Program would be suitable for anyone who is interested in working towards enhancing productivity and growth. This program helps you to create a win-win in the organization and have team members work together in collaboration with cooperation.

If you are someone who interacts with other individuals in the organization and share work goals, then this program is definitely for you. We all share goals, tasks, timelines, and this workshop will help you to get your tasks accomplished amiably.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are from HR, IT, Finance or Marketing or work in the capacity of an individual contributor. You will always need to interact with your team or other teams to get a task done as we do not work in isolation.

Organisational Benefits

Organizations who want their team members to be compassionate, patient, respectful, and are looking to create a positive working environment for all the team members, got to look at nominating their team members for this program.

Companies who nominate their employees to participate in this Internal Customer Service Skills Training Program can benefit in the following ways:

  • Create collaboration and teamwork within the teams
  • Ensure communication is effective and concepts are explained with great clarity
  • Have the employees interact with compassion and empathy
  • Learn to be proactive towards other requirements and support each other
  • Support the team members to understand the importance of their internal customer
  • Understand how impactful it is to work with a dissatisfied internal customer
  • Decide how quickly the profits can increase when there is right communication, teamwork and collaboration in teams
  • Build a win-win within the teams

Personal Benefits

An individual who aims to achieve high and excel at their workplace, need to know that leadership is about taking people along. We can never reach the top alone. Thus, this training is to work together with the internal customers and also get the tasks done internally.

So, if you have been haggling to get the deadline met with the other department and want to achieve the goals effectively and efficiently, then this program is just for you. This is an opportunity to create better relationships and assertively also get the task done with peers.

If you’re working in an individual capacity or an internal stakeholder, you will always require to work and interact with people and this program will help you with the opportunity to learn new skills for better internal customer service.

Individuals who participate in this Internal Customer Service Skills Training Program can gain from it in the following ways:

  • Learn the value of respect and compassion for peers and self
  • Develop communication skills and assertiveness
  • Proactively complete tasks and support peers
  • Get task completed within the deadline with the support of team members
  • Have team members say a yes-yes immediately to work with you
  • To give constructive feedback and empathise with team members
  • Learn ways for exceptional internal customer service which is based on interdepartmental communication and cooperation
  • Understand the barriers to customer service and effectively work with internal customers

Course Outline

MODULE 1: Know the Internal Customer and internal customer service

  • Know who is an internal customer
  • Define internal customer service
  • Learn the benefits of having excellent internal customer service skills
  • Know who is your team
  • Know how it is different or similar to external customer service
  • Look at the tip of the iceberg to see ways to implement great customer service

MODULE 2: Internal Customer Service Values

  • Learn values of organizational effectiveness and how teamwork impacts it
  • Adapt the attitude of customer service
  • Understand the right requirement and expectations of the customers
  • Perform the CPR (Compassion, patience and respect)
  • Know that exceptional internal customer service is based on interdepartmental communication and cooperation

MODULE 3: Listening Skills: Generate Empathy

  • Build empathy with your internal customers
  • Understand the levels of listening
  • Barriers to listening
  • Listen to understand and not to react
  • Work with the team members to reach the highest level of listening

MODULE 4: Communication Skills

  • Work with the team members to build a two-way communication
  • Types of Communication
  • Understand how miscommunication can impact relationships
  • Know the barriers to Communication
  • Filters to communication
  • Know effective communication techniques to create a win-win situation
  • Get your task done with effective communication

MODULE 5:  Handling emotions

  • Create awareness of what you think of self and team members
  • Manage the emotional intelligence
  • Talk face to face rather than phone/email or messages to resolve issues
  • Showcase you are on the same side of the table
  • Handle emotions in a manner so as to not hurt the other members
  • Tips to handle outburst with internal customers
  • Champion effective personal growth

MODULE 6:  Agree to disagree amiably

  • Build a relationship with the internal customer
  • Create a win-win relationship
  • Do not fear to hear a No
  • Say a No in a way that it hurts no one
  • Avoid arguments at all times
  • Respectfully address the concerns

MODULE 7: Body Language – Non-Verbal Communication

  • Recognize the importance of non-verbal communication
  • Work towards creating a positive impression
  • Cultivate positive energy by interacting and using the right gestures, actions, and styles of body language

MODULE 8:  Responsibility and Responsiveness

  • Create responsiveness with the internal team members
  • Aim towards the happiness of internal customers
  • Create high internal customer service standards
  • Work towards mutual accountability
  • Know the difference between accountability, responsibility and ownership

MODULE 9: Handling Complaints

  • Understand the complaints of the internal customer
  • Overcome the internal customer service problems
  • Meet customer service needs and increase productivity and growth
  • Resolve the internal issues and work towards better relationships

Participant Reviews
Abdulai Abdul-Rahaman
It's been very exciting undertaking the internal customer management training with Zoe Talent solutions. It's practical, it's interactive, and tailor-made. It will therefore recommend it for all public and private sector customer service practitioners.
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